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Agents' Shoutbox

  • lunafreak
    04/09/2010 23:48

20/05/2018 20:53

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Welcome - The Agency - The Latenight Aussie Guild

"The Agency" is a majority Australian player based guild located on the Draenor [US Server]. Through the years our stable of raiders has encompassed players from the Asia-Pacific region, including some in the United States. Our root however is uniquely Australian up to these days.

We welcome exceptional players to join us especially if you can make our early morning raid times which start at 1:00AM server time or (6:00pm - local SYDNEY time) every (Australian) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for all new content raids. Old content raids during weekends are optional.

The Agency uses the DKP system for majority guild-based raids (Subject to change). All players including out of guild members attending any of the majority run guildraids will earn DKP to spend on items. You can read the DKP & Raid charters, check our forums and the DKP Guild Board, containing details in how we award, distribute loot and how we expect each raid member to conduct themselves.

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Bye-Bye Lich King. Waiting For DeathWing!
04/09/2010 23:45 by lunafreak

We will miss Arthas :(

There can be no peace.... And Azeroth will never be the same.


Guild Applications

Agency members must have the desire to do what it takes to be a successful endgame raider. Once on trial, you're expected and required to maintain a 75% raid attendance, which is taken over the duration of the month. Consult the Recruitment FAQS for our expectation on new members. Check our Forums for updates.

If you're an inter-server applicant (outside Draenor), please refer to a suitable time so an officer can contact you.

Druid Druid Tank/Range DPS/ Resto
Mage Mage Experienced
Paladin Paladin Tank Limited
Rogue Rogue Experienced
Shaman Shaman Resto
Warlock Warlock Experienced
Warrior Warrior DPS/ Tank
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